Malin Wättring

Malin Wättring is a saxophone player and composer from Gothenburg. In 2013 she put together the group MW8 consisting of Malin Wättring – soprano-, tenor- & baritone saxophone, Signe Dahlgreen – tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, Isak Hedtjärn – clarinet and bass clarinet, Stina Larsdotter – cello, Karin Verbaan – voice and flute, Naoko Sakata – piano, Donovan von Martens – double bass, Anna Lund – drums. The music consists of compositions with strict arrangements combined with free improvisation. Malin writes all the material for the band. The music is influenced by a lot of different styles and genres but has its roots in the Nordic jazz tradition. The band functions as a democracy and there’s a lot of space for the eight musicians to express themselves artistically. Musically, the sound ranges from fragile to powerful, sometimes challenging, sometimes beautiful and always interpreting the present.

phone: +46 736 234024 (Malin Wättring)

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