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RNM – a resource for contemporary music and sound art in Region Västra Götaland.

RNM (Resource New Music) is an independent resource working towards strengthening contemporary music and sound art, to increase its relevance and to give it a natural position in society. It is an organization with a supportive function, focusing on interaction with other regional key players and organizations. RNM’s mission is to initiate, support and interact in various projects aimed towards four focus areas: Arts specific development, Resources & Structures, Audience Development and Internationalization. Furthermore, RNM is to gather competence and knowledge in relevant areas, identify important actions and strengthen initiatives where regional key players and organizations are the driving forces. Equality, diversity and accessibility are horizontal perspectives at the foundation of the organization.

RNM welcomes anyone to submit or present ideas and suggest projects relevant for the development of this specific arts field. The working group’s mission is to determine which projects can be further developed and supported by RNM. At that point a so called “bee hive”, which is basically the same thing as a think tank, with at least two regional, independent and committed parties, can be started. The process is then lead by at least one of the members from the RNM working group and all participating parties are remunerated by RNM. This process should lead to a realistic project- and funding plan where the participating parties are responsible for taking the project forward. In some cases, RNM can finance part of a project, but in most cases additional funding is required.

The working group is the hub of RNM and functions as the operative part. The working team consists of four to six members and each year one member steps down and a new member is elected. At present the team consists of Lars Carlsson (composer), Lisa Nordström (composer and musician), Lina Järnegard (composer), Gun Lund (choreographer), Staffan Svensson (musician) and Nils Wiklander (consultant, Kultur i Väst).

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