Anna Eriksson

Anna Eriksson was born in 1963. She is a composer, sound artist and guitarist. She lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her music has been described as ”a headstrong sound creation in the space between chamber music and sound installations”. She has written commissioned works for many different ensembles and soloists, and her music has been played both in Sweden and abroad. Works for string orchestra, percussion instruments, guitar, choir and musical theatre have shared time with speaking parrots, toy robots and sounding birthday candles. She has studied composition for among others Sven-David Sandström and Ole Lützow-Holm.

“– My grandmother always cooked using the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, which in turn was made out of leftovers from the day before, and so on. In principle, there must have been some molecules from the thirties in the food she served us. That’s the way I make music: I boil away, I knead again and I use what’s already there. It might be a couple of bars from an older piece, or a pattern from nature. For instance, I have used the same DNA sequence for over ten years as a pattern for building compositions in different ways.”


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